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Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

What is a nice car?

Unambiguous definition cannot be given: in addition to the traditional approach for business always come and personal vkusy.Krasivy car does not have to be graceful like a Ferrari 488 or more muscular than Dodge Charger. It may not be as sophisticated as the Aston Martin Vantage or as brutal as the Mercedes Gelendvagen. But it should be charismatic and maybe not standardized. And it has to be … proportionate.

Before I wrote this paragraph, I asked my friends on one of the social networks: What does "nice car" mean? The answers were very different. Someone called a sports uniform, someone talked about style, someone about the desire to turn around afterwards. But most have found proportionality, and rightly so. Because it's the right proportions that make a person perceive an object as beautiful.

Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

The Cadillac CT6 is proportional and huge. Not as much as the Escalade ESV – there is usually an RV, but still. When you are behind the wheel of this giant, especially after a compact city car, there is a feeling that behind you swing open a black hole, a large space that should learn quickly and priruchit.Na fact, not so scary. As in every civil car, there are all the necessary assistants to help develop the dimensions, cameras and other technologies of a cool modern car. And there is no doubt that the ST6 is cool.

Great Gatsby. Two weeks from Cadillac St6.

His first and undisputed advantage is that he's American. In the already well-known European-Asian (already German-Japanese-Korean-Korean) automotive market, every stranger looks attractive in advance, if only because it differs from the rest of the automotive industry. as they say, the cutter is not the same!

ST6 is not just big. It is rectangular. Chopped shape slightly flattened at the corners, and thanks to this car it looks great. The mighty hood and the roast food produce exactly the proportions that the human eye perceives as beautiful. There are some simple nobility in its forms, it is powerful, humble and uncomplicated. It creates a feeling of protection and security – mainly due to its size and solidity. GM also had the job of giving it a touch of luxury, and they succeeded. Looking at ST6, I'm thinking of the Great Gatsby for some reason.

Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

But okay, not everything was smooth in the history of cadillacology. After the great DeVille, Eldorado and Fleetwood of the 50s-60s, the stagnation started a little further, the 70s, new demands on cars, the fuel crisis, until everything finally ended with the first compact Ceville Cadillac. "Compact" and "Cadillac" – two concepts are not compatible. These machines have always been – and should be – a huge, voracious, largely insignificant in their luxury and because of this excellent, so that everything that happened next was inherently impaired and … ugliness. Even the presidential Cadillacs, which have been favored in the White House for several decades, don't look very special, we say. Cadillac, who in his time was a cult car, quickly lost all of his cult, and the further away, the more the brand plunged into shadow and oblivion. While General Motors didn't dare tackle their resurrection.

The Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

It all started with the Evoq concept, which saw the light of day at the end of the last century. Solid, square, heavy, but due to the alignment of the lines, symmetry and proportionality, it was good in its own way. And the dimensions. And he was absolutely American – d. H. Now if you guessed which country you made such a machine in, there would be no chance of making a mistake. And yet – if you look at it, voluntarily or involuntarily reminded of tanks and howitzers produced in the Cadillac factory during the Second World War.

And Escalade. To be fair, the Escalade came out a year earlier, but it was Evoq that gave it the look we have now. General Motors describes the new design as "a combination of solid lines, strong curves and sharp corners".

Great Gatsby. Two weeks from Cadillac St6.

Then came CTS, CRX, XTS – all of these abbreviations are difficult to remember and not to be confused, oh, where did the times of Eldorado and other beautiful names go? Nevertheless, the cars fit together: the beginning of the 2000s was very similar in shape – the same lines, curves and corners.

One thing is certain: Cadillac has grown in size again. And I will not part with her anymore.

The black ST6 was waiting for me somewhere in the parking lot of the press park on a dark winter night. Snow porridge under my feet and a sleepy state caused the general desire to quickly fall into the warmth somewhere where it was comfortable and cozy. Slightly falling snow. And plenty. So they just gave me the key and the documents and said that "the car is out there somewhere". You could click the keychain for a faster search, of course, but for some reason I didn't. The key was in one jacket pocket, the hand without a glove in the other, and I didn't want to take it out to get the key. Keyless access in these conditions – it's so convenient. But the moment I saw the necessary silhouette and came closer, he flashed a greeting with lightbulbs in a circle and it made me happy.

On the first acquaintance with the car, the engine is already starting, I always sit in the cabin for a long time while doing the main functions, which can be useful to me in a way. I set up mirrors, a seat, looking for air conditioning, media. For example, I check where the emergency gear is and where the start / stop function is deactivated. I'm setting up the right radio …

Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

Not everything was so easy with Cadillac, but after a while we made it and drove off.

You immediately feel very comfortable in it. The huge interior fills up very quickly and the dimensions become clear after a 5 minute drive. The CT6 is considered a representative sedan, but, forgive me, at General Motors it doesn't always reach that level. It's comfortable, high quality, smart, but … my sore point – closer to doors. And they are not here. However, there are separate rear seats with ventilation, heating and regulation (but without massage) and even versions with a long foot. Depending on the configuration of the rear passengers, color displays are offered, but the comfort of the top European representatives is still not there. For another undeniable benefit, I would like to add three-layer windows and an active noise reduction system. It's so quiet in the car, so quiet, nothing from the outside world can upset you.

I liked the front seats very much – in their concept they resemble the “executive chair” – large, voluminous, leather, comfortable. I liked how they came up with the idea of ​​placing the holder for the phone in the center armrest

Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

and I liked that the gear knob repeats the heraldry on the bonnet and the steering wheel. And I loved seeing him black and white silent film. The platinum version is equipped with a night vision system, which contains a very clear color definition of cars and pedestrians as well as a warning about their approach. You can see what it looks like here:

As in in T5, the streaming video from the rear-view camera can be transmitted via the rear-view mirror in the cabin – a kind of “vampire” mirror, for example when people sitting in the back seat do not reflect in the mirror and do not impair the view. And the viewing angle is significantly enlarged.

The Great Gatsby. Two weeks from Cadillac St6.

Conventional image in the mirror

The Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

Video streaming

But God bless him with the salon. As for me, I never focus on how much the starry sky is scattered around the car when I feel comfortable in it. It smells good, the skin is soft, the monitors are high quality, the music is clean – and fine. For me it is much more important how this car drives and what emotions it gives me, and here the Cadillac CT6 has proven to be the master.

After the first few kilometers, when he cut through the winter porridge with an icebreaker, he wanted to say: "Well, you and the iron!". And indeed: he ironed the road confidently and without the slightest fluctuation in course. All-wheel drive, heavy, powerful, with a breathable V-shaped six-cylinder volume of 3.6 liters and an output of 335 hp. Another reason for the stability of this Cadillac is an active adaptive suspension with magnetorheological fluid in shock absorbers, which is also common to others Models has proven. And the top version now also uses the fashionable rear wheel steering function.

Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

Yes, maybe ST6 could have been blown up faster, but does the Cadillac need that? However, the Americans themselves answered this question by releasing a top-end version with a V8T engine.

When it comes to a test drive, this car is like a good friend: it does what you ask, but it doesn't ask. 12-13 liter consumption in a city mode – a normal figure for this caddy. The reason for this efficiency is that this engine has two cylinders off function, so that "V4" symbol appears on the central display at regular intervals.

Honestly, during an almost two-week test, I couldn't find any serious defects in this machine. Of course, in two weeks it is impossible to judge what will happen while owning it, but my friend, the owner of a similar car, has become an enthusiastic Cadillac master and Cadillac expert and says that he is now never an American against a European will swap.

Great Gatsby. Two weeks with Cadillac CT6.

Well, still. After all, the ST6 is beautiful in its value: 4.25 million, which is half a million cheaper than the Korean Genesis G90 …

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