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All my cars: Chinese? .. take risk!

All my cars:

It's time to complete the topic 🙂 After running for almost half a year, it was decided to take action to buy a car. We also live in a private house on the outskirts of the city … Selection criteria: A real off-road vehicle is not required, crossings remain (nobody has canceled the trip and the road to the house is a lane). Here it was the price. From the limited availability of Creta (as a leader in its segment) and the "Chinese". If we look at the "Chinese" – it is the most budgetary, otherwise it is more reliable to take the "Koreans". Among the Chinese, Lifan X70 was the least expensive option. So he started studying posts on the Drome of Crete and X70. I signed up for a test drive there and there and went on Lifan first. At first glance, the car didn't like it at all. Stupid with terrible violence. Hardly drove. Even the woman got behind the wheel and ofigela says bullshit. With retroactive effect I now suspect that the DC freaks did not read the instructions and activated the winter mode (asterisk) and the car did not really fit! But I didn't see an asterisk on the display because I didn't even know about the existence of this option. In short, we drove to Crete. I liked the car, which was brought down so quietly that it drives pretty happy. But the price with Kopekenstück, automatic and normal multimedia (with a camera, etc.) costs three hundred thousand more than X70. We decided to register again in Lifan, and just then the trip to Krasnodar started and there was sweeping. Apparently the whole thing was the incompetence of Novorossiysk's “specialists”. In Krasnodar they did not even ask for the right, they immediately offered to drive and drive on the normal route: asphalt and a track with holes. The car drove no worse than Creta, it gained dynamic speed, it's hard in the lane, but after the Patriot it's normal 🙂 Full filling, including a sunroof (it's nice in our climate in summer). The money remains to be found. While I was looking, they stopped assembling the car and I took the last one of the desired color (silver) in the maximum configuration. There were several other whites (late August 2018). Immediately after the purchase I went to the Crimea, but Mount Ai-Petri exchanged the second thousand. Then a trip to Dombay. Also this year, in the Crimea, in Rostov, there are still many plans … Of course, after Patrick you have to get used to what you don't get there, you don't have to, nothing comes from the building material store into the salon: – ) But it's comfortable, quiet, there are all the necessary options including front and rear parking assistance, a camera, a sunroof, decent music sound (especially after the sound of doors), good, good for on the go! Exactly excellent. The car doesn't drive on the highway at all, you don't have to roll, the steering wheel is sensitive, I quickly got used to the variator. Up to 140 km / h everything is fast and safe, but more is not necessary. I distributed it to 177 (via GPS) and immediately felt the smell of burning in the cabin – no such experiments were necessary 🙂 Moderate consumption: Autobahn 8-8.5 (how to drive), Stadt 9-11 (von Traffic jams on the street and stove / condominium etc.) Machine is happy to have exchanged the first "ten". The most important thing now is reliability. But here and for the old woman there is a botch: "Negatives" is in the forum about each brand. I hope I'm lucky … So I'm going to continue with "street photography", there are many wonderful places in the Caucasus where you can get there without an SUV frame! Photos from trips to the "Chinese" …

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