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Sometimes they come back

Sometimes they come back

Our former partners. Our past. Random letter or clash. A correspondence archive found by chance. And repeats itself in us. It shows that it is still alive, flows through our veins, makes our hearts beat faster, keeps every soul cord in tension. "I am still part of your present life," as if the past said.

Sometimes they come back

And you think such a "damn …", "Well, why, why." And after long months or even years of rest, you start looking for reasons and opportunities. "What if …" – you think.

And every common sense is clouded at this moment with a single "once so lively, once 120 beats per minute, then there is meaning".

Other events can develop differently.

Someone decides to call "in the same river" again. Someone pulls himself into a tight sea knot and worries about how the resuscitated pain opens up. And all of this until the moment you suddenly no longer remember why the past began to have such a status and not the status of an "ongoing present".

Remember that all attempts have already been made. And they fell over the impossibility. Your or your partner to continue a journey together.

They remember why a period was set and not an ellipsis, a comma, or a question mark.

And at that moment you are sober. The heart slows down. The pain relieves. Let the past go. But only in the archives of memory and correspondence. Without claiming to be the present.

Sometimes they come back

What could happen in some of the best has already happened. And when somebody belongs to the couple or both decide to put an end to it, it's about recognizing the limits of the couple's abilities. The fact that compatibility resources are over. And then something good can happen for everyone, but individually.

And an important part of the farewell is gratitude. Of course, it does not come immediately, but first gives a place to various things – anger, disappointment, pain, sadness. But thanks anyway, not only for everything that could happen and the meeting taking place. But also because it came to an end and gave each of them the opportunity to be born something new and important. published by econet.ru

Copyright: Oksana Bolomatova

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